i was in the same place.

right now, my dad is watching ken burns' the war. i saw a little bit of it. i don't care about destruction anymore.

i dreamed that my mom overturned my garden, not maliciously, but only because she and my dad wanted to pour concrete over our entire backyard. i was angry.

i've been reading the best of american splendor today. i requested no one is illegal: fighting racism and state violence on the u.s.-mexican border (2006). i'll pick it up when it gets there.

i read over the job description at the library again. i would really like a quiet, unassuming job.

my dad bought me a veggie burrito from gordito burrito. i haven't eaten it yet.

it's windy and cool in sacramento. i think i need that.

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Dtrap134 said...

As I was walking to my car from American River, I couldn't help but rethink our conversation about Sacramento being much better in Winter than in Summer. Even at 69 degrees with the wind in my face, I felt much better than in the high 90 degree heat of summer. You are right, summer is the worst.