look at that old grizzly bear.

not much accomplished today. i guess i just started staring off into space at one point, since my mom said, "hoy!" they took it as me wallowing again, probably, because my dad bust into his usual, don't worry look, and said, "just think of it as vacation." the funny thing was, i was completely fine until he said that. but now i get the feeling that they're already worried that their college grad of a son can't find a fucking job. i have to admit, i'm not actively looking. i have turned in applications, but i just don't have the heart or enthusiasm to follow up. and i should be working on applications (master's in social work - uw, mfa - arizona state university, and english/composition - san francisco state), but it's hard to get the motivation for it. maybe i'm not ready for anything yet. i don't know how much longer i can go, though, realizing, damn, it's friday already? where'd the fucking week go?

i tried to get byron to get a bill blass blazer and pink express shirt from the thrift store, but he wasn't digging it. so i made him watch the royal tennenbaums to try and encourage him to experiment with fashion. he said he wanted a sportcoat like bill murray's. it's a start.

not much else going on. sitting around, listening to boris, barbecuing at 10 o'clock, almost 11, at night. i wonder if i'll ever look back and miss these days. i probably will.

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