these are the best days.

this one time i asked this girl in my english class, caitlyn, i think her name was, "have you ever heard of the softies?" she had a rose melberg-style haircut, you know, the kind with short curly bangs, cut straight across and high on the forehead. she shook her head no, and smiled. i told her that she reminded me of the that band, but i didn't really explain the whole haircut thing. i don't cringe, but i get heatedly embarrassed thinking about what a stupid question it was.

byron and i will see low tonight in san francisco. this will be the third, maybe fourth time i've seen them. although the latest release, drums & guns, is really stripped down, it should still be entertaining to see them live. i'm really hoping "when you walked" gets played, but i'm sure it won't. i wish i had more people in my life that really "get" low, the most miserable band ever.

i'm going to take a secretary test on monday. more tests i will pass with flying colors, but which will probably, most likely, lead to nothing.

yesterday, i forgot to add that when i raised my hand in the courtroom, hoping to be excused, the judge called me out. "you're mr. tan, correct?" i was so shocked, since everyone else had to introduce themselves. it was as if he had been waiting for me all my life, or spying on me, watching me blather my socialist views to random retired black men in the park.

i haven't realized, until recently, how much more i like fall than i do summer. maybe it's because i don't have to go to school anymore. or maybe because i hate television and don't really care what's on anymore. i wish, though, that i lived in a place where the transition to fall was more apparent. to watch leaves brown and then drop by the hundreds onto the ground. maybe i will learn how to grow pumpkins in the yard.

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