bags and bags of lemons.

in a desperate attempt to get something started, i began looking around at graduate schools again. there's this thing, apparently, called a post-baccalaureate pre-med program (pbpm) for people like me who studied something they're not entirely crazy about. basically, it's for college grads who want to study medicine, but didn't write down "pre-med" on choose a major day. a lot of schools have them - even seattle university. being financially irresponsible, i'll probably apply to a few. i applied to a master's in composition program at sfsu, though, just for a little insurance. i might still work on the msw at the uw, too. if life was a baseball game, some might say i'm desperately trying to get a rally going. anything is better than staring at the wall and realizing an hour has passed.

i was going to apply to barnes and noble and borders today, but i couldn't bring myself to do it.

my mom's been harvesting lemons from the lemon tree. there are too many of them.

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