...and i see nothing worth liking.

the results are in. i failed the oral examination, so no on-call secretary job for me.

i watched thank you for smoking. my favorite line: "if you want an easy job, go work for the red cross."

and now, an excerpt from franny and zooey (pgs. 25):
"I don't mean there's anything horrible about him or anything like that. It's just that for four solid years I've kept seeing Wally Campbells wherever I go. I know when they're going to be charming, I know when they're going to start telling you some really nasty gossip about some girl that lives in your dorm, I know when they're going to ask me what I did over the summer, I know when they're going to pull up a chair and straddle it backward and start bragging in a terrible, terrible quiet voice--or name-dropping in a terrible quiet, casual voice."

i'm doubting my interviewing skills. this morning didn't go so well. how am i supposed to find work when i have no experience because no one is willing to hire me because i have no experience?

"it's a catch-22."
"what's that? what the fuck's a 'catch-22'?"
"think about it."
"you know what i'm thinking about, man?"

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