dwight and angela.

congressman elijah cummings addressed the americorps group in february. he said, "there are people we know who bring out the best in us, and then there are people in this world who bring out the worst in us. surround yourselves with the former, and avoid, at all costs, the latter." i'd like to heed his advice. he was a good man. maybe exaggerated a bit, but he was a powerful speaker, and with great power comes great exaggeration. he also told us, "dream big dreams. too many people out there aren't dreaming big enough. don't be like them." i wish i could've recorded his speech and played it any time i'm in a rut. i'd definitely be getting something done.

finally secretary test tomorrow. the oral exam. i think my years as an americorps volunteer have killed any optimism i might have about future employment, so now i can relax at all my interviews. to be honest, the office does kind of inspire me to find a crappy desk job, if just for a while. i'm sure pam, jim, michael, and dwight won't be there, but there's always some interesting folk to write about. if, however, this was an interview for a library clerk position, i would be sweating bullets. i want to sit in a library all hours of the day. and don't fucking ruin it for me by telling me it will get old. that's a goddamn lie.

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