go with yourself.

i had to take a break from watching movies. today: match point, an inconvenient truth, and the motorcycle diaries. the first surprisingly good; the second evoked unpleasant memories of 7th/8th grade science class; the third i'd already seen, so didn't finish.

remember that time fiona apple made that grammy speech and kept yelling, "go with yourself!" and no one knew what the fuck she was talking about? she should've ended with, "you feel me?" and then she might've gotten some street cred.

back in august, my mom asked me to measure the windows in my room, so that we can replace the blinds. i haven't gotten around to it yet.

i was going to make a list of people i wanted to be, like, "i want to be john lennon. i want to write a song that repeats the iambic pentameter, "all we are saying/is give peace a chance." but that would be a really lame list. and then i was going to end it with, "i want to be myself. i want to know what that would be like." what a terrible, cliched ending.

i think i could write, though. when i really put some effort to something, it's never really as bad as i imagine it could be.

sometimes i talk to people for a long time, like we're almost gonna be friends. and then i never hear from them again. i was going to make a list of people who've let me down. in fact, i already typed it, then deleted it, because it would be pointless to just name names. i'll save those stories for a future entry.

add it to the list of things i would've done differently tonight.

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