i haven't seen him in, like, eight years.

i didn't go to my cousin's son's 1st birthday today. i felt like sleeping in, even though my parents didn't leave until 11. so i slept until 1:30-ish, and probably could've gone longer if i had turned my phone off. i watched the simpsons' treehouse of horror marathon. i always looked forward to it when i was younger. i was even hoping it would lead to a new treehouse of horror episode tonight, but i think the world series preempted it.

i really liked halloween at one point. the first costume i really remember is the one i had in kindergarten. it was a glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit, and i even wore it to school. if i remember correctly, i had the teacher turn off the lights so that i could show everyone how it glowed, but i think i didn't expose it to enough light, so it didn't work. but then again, i could just be making this up.

i carried around a large plastic pumpkin, and the night wasn't over until it was full. then my cousins (i really only remember trick-or-treating with claire and our adopted cousin, grace) and i would regroup at my house and dump our earnings all over the carpeted floor.

one time, someone suggested we go to the rich neighborhood (the fabulous 50's downtown) so that we could get better candy. it worked. i remember getting the full-sized bars, and plenty of them. on this same occasion, my adopted cousin grace wet herself in the street. i don't remember the incident, but my aunt likes to mockingly recount my version of the story that i once told. confusing, i know. anyway, it goes something like this: "one time, grace went into the middle of the street, and she went pee-pee all over herself." ate, my aunt, tells this to me, usually in the company of others, in a sheepish, girly baby-talk that once served as my own voice.

on another trick-or-treating misadventure, we went to a house on my street. the tenant had really gone above and beyond what the holiday required. she had somehow hooked up her doorbell to a giant vacuum cleaner, and the thing roared when we pressed the button. it lit up green, and a white sheet hovered over it, ghost-like. the old witch creeped up to the door, and we could see her through the front window. grace ran away. i think the woman felt bad because she broke character and shouted, "where are you going? i've got candy!" to which grace replied, "i don't want any candy, lady!"

i think at 13 or 14, i stopped trick-or-treating. i remember the night, too. i put on a red raggedy ann wig, and i knew it was over. i was too old to be dressing up, and it was just a sad moment. on halloween nights after that, i would rent a bunch of horror films and watch them in my room by myself. every now and then, i'd relieve my mom by opening the door and giving out candy to the hopeful, polite children of our neighborhood.

jump back in time. i remember in 2nd or 3rd grade, the 8th graders would create a haunted house in the rec room for us younger ones. i never went in. i didn't like to get scared, and i didn't really see the point if there wasn't going to be any candy. i think it must've been 2nd grade. i stood outside the rec room with the tomboyish kendall and alicia. alicia looked really afraid to go in, but i think kendall just stood out there with her for moral support. i stood there, too, probably just an early, skeptical version of the person i would later become.

8th grade halloween party. again, i didn't dress up. instead, i just wore all black, and i painted my face white. it was a dance party, and, of course, i didn't do any dancing. the one thing i do remember is when the dj played "bullet with butterfly wings" and warned us, "no moshing." so all the tools who claimed that rock music sucked and rap music was cool (yes, this was a major controversial issue that served as the basis for most of my junior high school conversations) got up on the dance floor, despite their convictions, and jumped around with a handful of the "rocker" girls in class. i was disgusted. i couldn't stand watching such a great song being ruined by a bunch of assholes that i was forced to see everyday. i went into the bathroom and washed the paint off my face. it didn't really come off completely, so i grabbed a handtowel, and completely ruined it. i'm sure mrs. troughton was pissed on all souls day.

the last halloween party i had was with my first americorps group. ross, naomi, melissa, francesca, francesca's friend, adam, adam's wife, emily and john came over. i started early with it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown and then went into a nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th, which almost all of them hadn't seen yet. i couldn't believe it. ross asked, "how have you seen all these horror flicks already?" i told him about my high school tradition. at one point, he said he wanted to watch the entire nightmare on elm street series. i'm sad to say we never got around to it.

this year i think i'll bring the tradition back. i'm thinking about the saw series and maybe hostel and hostel 2.

we used to have a motion-sensor pumpkin that would blink and say, "happy halloween," and then it would give a long, creepy laugh. there was also the option to just have it light up for times when we got annoyed with the laugh. it never really scared anyone, i don't think. i used to put up fake cobwebs, too. i'd try and make pieces of it stretch for as long as i could, until it would break and float in the breeze. sometimes it attracted bits of leaves and real insects. sometimes i couldn't differentiate between the stretchy cotton and the real thing.

fake blood was good, too. i'd just put little droplets of it in the doorway and then spray it down with the hose the next morning.

a lot of people hate it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown and i don't know why. i guess it is a stupid cartoon. i like though, that linus is so determined that he falls asleep outside. and then lucy has to wake up in the middle of the night to retrieve him. the best part is how tired and frustrated he looks when she plops him down on his bed.

i'll probably have that same look on wednesday.


Dtrap134 said...

I'd be down for a Halloween movie marathon. If you want me to get a couple movies from Netflix let me know.

Richard said...

You forgot about the time we hid behind the bushes at your house and scared Cosmo. I think he wet himself and his mom looked pissed