it's no good, it's no good.

the "last" job interview tomorrow. something better happen. it's for a communications writer position through grant union high school district, and i think it may only be part-time. but still, i'd be paid to write, and that's something i never thought possible.

sister liane wrote me today, since she heard from rachel (speculation) that i'm considering a move back to the "watson," as rachel likes to call it. liane said that she has a new americorps member joining soon, and that he would need a roommate. so i'm on deck. it'll be like season two of the o.c.

pretty boring game two of the world series. i don't know why i watch that shit. just killing time until my life gets back on track, i guess. but it was pretty funny when holliday got picked off at the top of the 8th. cocky bastard. well-deserved.

i watched the illusionist with my mom, to further my grand time-killing scheme today. i like it when even she gets angry at how stupid mainstream cinema can be. in conclusion, i wish edward norton could've made the idea for that movie disappear.

i'd like to go to critical mass tomorrow. but i might be too lazy to bike all the way down there. we'll see what happens.

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