stay the course.

i went to procuts for a haircut today. i hadn't been there probably in five years, but nothing had changed. the same women were still there, and they had the same posters up. terminator 2, the three stooges, george clooney, and others. there was a small american flag sticker at the bottom of the george clooney poster, and it read, "stay the course." that, i think, is the only new thing they've added to their barbershop.

before she cut my hair, i asked her if they took visa. i couldn't remember, it'd been so long.
"cash only," she said.
"oh. cash only. i'll come back."
she hesitated. "no, i cut your hair first. you come back and pay me later."
"ok," i said. i sat down.

"your day off today?" the stylist asked me.
"no. i'm not working."
silence for a while, then: "do you work around here?"
she obviously didn't hear me the first time. "no, i don't have a job."
"oh. you're in school then?"
"no, i graduated two years ago."
she cut my hair in silence.
"how long have you been here now?" i asked.
"ten years," she said.

"sideburn? or no sideburn?"
"no sideburn."

"short enough for you?"
i pinched a tuft the way i always do, then said, as i always say, "yeah, it looks good."

i asked her where the nearest atm machine is, even though i know i won't go there because of the $2 - $3 service fee non-wamu machines always charge me, a fee i will never understand.
"go past watt," she said, "then take a right at the first light."
"oh, at the schools," i said.
"no, no." she walked me outside, then pointed down the street. "go past watt first, then take a right. there's atm machine there."
"alright," i said. "thanks, i'll be back."

i drove to washington mutual on kiefer.

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