that was a long time ago.

man, there's nothing i hate more than waking up to empty virtual mailboxes and a lack of comments listed on anything. i would think with numerous email accounts and registration with various anti-social virtual networks (myspace + facebook), i would get a goddamn message or comment once in a while. but lately, it's been nothing but a streak of "sorry, you didn't win," or "we've decided to select another candidate for the position," or worse, spam. and then i get on aim. and underneath everyone's screenname is the generic away message: "sorry, i am away from my computer right now."

i've sent emails; i've entered contests; i've applied to a slew of jobs. what's the hold up?

on monday i checked out the taking of patty hearst, why we fight, and the big buy - all on dvd. "people used to say i looked like her when i was a teen," the clerk said. "but that was a long, long time ago." she appears to talk to herself more than the people she's helping. "these look interesting," she said. "i never hear about these things until they pass by my desk." not wanting to be rude, i joined the conversation. "i watched the first two," i said, pointing at patty and why we fight. "and they were pretty good. but i haven't seen the big guy yet." yeah, i realized later that it was big buy and not guy.

another scene, sunday, picking up vicodin and motrin for rich.

"are you dropping off or picking up?" the girl asked me.

"i'm picking up," i said.

"did the dr. call it in?" she asked.

"yes. no. i don't know," i said, flustered. i then added, "my cousin just called just ten minutes ago."

she looked perplexed. "he called this in, or his dr. did?" she asked again.

"he called." irritated, i blurted out, "i'm just here to pick up his pills."

she knew this was going nowhere, so she decided to look him up. "he's not in the system," she
informed me. "give me his name and address." i did.

as i waited for the prescription to be filled, an old man came along and chatted with the same girl for a bit. he must've been a regular, since she knew him and the wife he was talking about on a first-name basis. apparently, the girl was also married.

"i'm worried about my husband," she said. "he always lets me get what i want."

old man: "that's nothing to worry about. enjoy it while you can. it won't always be that way."

"oh no?" she asked.

"no. the wife and i get into plenty," he confessed. "but it's nothing too bad. if you can get through a little bit of that, you'll be just fine." he then added, "but really, our dog is the master of the house. she gets whatever she wants all the time."

"i believe that," the girl said.

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Your time will come Mr. Talking about Hard Times. Keep writing!