these days i seem to think a lot
about all the things i forgot to do.

based on toby's recommendation, i went and saw lars and the real girl with my mom. i remember seeing the preview for it a few weeks back, thinking, this movie will never work. it's got a really stupid premise. this guy, lars, deludes himself into thinking that this life-sized doll (bianca) that he ordered off the internet is real. and to help get him through this temporary "illness," the town has to play along with it. sounds dumb, right? really, really dumb, and it wouldn't work in a million years? well, it did. i don't know how, but the movie was seriously the best damn thing i've seen all year.

i probably am a little biased, though, since i had already warmed up with some pre-sadness. i already felt embarrassed asking for a free popcorn with my student id (mondays are "student mondays" at the tower theater - free, unlimited popcorn and $6.50 admission), since my id clearly says "seattle university" across the top part, and i clearly don't go to school there anymore, since i show up at the tower theater almost every other monday. and since my mom and i got there really early (20 minutes before showtime), i had a lot of time to think. it went a little something like this: damn. i'm really at the movies with my mom. and it's not the "i'm in town just for the weekend - let's catch a flick" kind of rendezvous. what happened to having regular friends, hanging out with people my own age?

i tried to suppress the questioning with a game of snowball fight on my cell phone. basically, you throw snowballs at these two guys, and then the levels get harder. in addition to the two guys, a penguin shows up, and then it's a polar bear. it gets really difficult. i haven't gotten past the polar bear.

and then the movie played and i got choked up at almost every scene. but especially when they go bowling.

there was really great thunder and lightning today. the sky looked really fucked up and around six, everything was lit up red. if i had a camera, i would've taken some pictures. i got six movies from the library and watched rosemary's baby at home. i expected more out of it. i still think the omen is way better.

rich and i are supposed to watch 28 weeks later tonight.

all of this can't be any good for my eyes.


ms.meggie said...

why was the movie so good?

claire said...

i love that ryan gosling. swoon.