walking down mayhew.

when i'm feeling lethargic or just plain lazy these days, i force myself to go walking. i don't really wander - i'm not the wanderin' type - so i usually just walk to my cousin's house, which is probably six blocks away. here's what goes on:

lock the door behind me. we have two doors, ever since someone tried to break in, many, many moons ago. the second, the gate, is an ugly beige-ish, yellow beast that clangs whenever you try to unlock or open it. i walk. i don't step on our lawn because cats tend to leave their business there, and i don't like to step in it, especially if it's been raining.

today it drizzled.

the new pavement is so black that when it's wet you can almost see yourself in it. i look down a lot, and kick things like stones that are in my way.

there are beautiful blue azaleas (okay, i don't really know what kind of flowers they are, since i, like everyone else in my generation, was only trained to tell the difference between coke and pepsi, and never taught to name more than three kinds of flowers) growing over the fence of some dude's house, who lives on the corner of mayhew and roseport. they're the only real sign of beauty for the entire walk.

after i cross kiefer blvd., there's a newly built gated community to my left, juvenile detention center to my right. the light remains on twenty-four seven in the upstairs bedroom of the model home. what a fucking waste of electricity. it also appears that they've halted building, since no one is buying any homes around here. everyone, for some reason or another, wants to live only in the natomas area.

yellow leaves scattered along the cracked sidewalk. oreo wrappers, pieces of cardboard, and mulch. or whatever it is. stuff that looks like hay growing where the sidewalk meets the fence. there's a can on the ground. i want to pick it up, carry it with me to the recycling bin, but i don't. i'm not a hobo yet. instead, i kick a nail.

i only walk if i'm listening to music. there are dogs that bark the shit out of you, and i feel like an idiot every time i fall for it and jump. a little broken social scene drowns it out.

the only thing that really stands out for me on this walk, other than the things i call azaleas, is an abandoned tree house. the only window is cracked, and it looks more like a shitty, big birdhouse than anything. i wonder if it ever served any purpose.

the new stop lights greet me before i reach the house. yes, apparently residents of this area were too stupid to recognize a four-way intersection complete with stop signs, so the city took it upon itself to install giant, overhanging red lights that flash all day, everyday. what a goddamn waste.

on the way back, listening to sigur ros, i was angry that so many things were blocking my view of a cloudy sky. stupid telephone poles, endless wires, detention centers that couldn't rehabilitate the guiltiest catholic, two-story homes no one would care to rot in, fences and giant walls that keep the bad guys out.

our fence is rotten and falls down every winter when the winds get too strong. cats and other animals sneak through loose boards, so it really serves no purpose. even if they were down, no one would be watching.

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la lintik said...

that juvenile hall has been there since i was a kid. i remember when the post office nearby used to be a ditch. the neighborhood kids turned it into a dirt-bike valhalla filled with jumps, dips, and other hazardous obstacles. to enter the ditch from the main street you needed to ride your bicycle into a deep u-shaped dip. the first time i attempted this feat, i got a little taste of what Abner Louima must have felt at the hands of new york's finest.