'bub!' can you believe him?

some things to tell:

meagan told me her group gave a presentation on doctors yesterday, and that it was awful. at one point, someone in the audience asked, "do physicians ever work in medical libraries?" to which the only boy in her group responded, "well, i interviewed someone with an MLS degree, and i think that stood for 'medical library science.'" another boy raised his hand to voice what meagan had been thinking: "doesn't MLS stand for a master's in library science?" you know, what they used to call an MLIS back in the day? the degree we're earning this very second?

in the sixth grade, mrs. ogan held spelling bees to help us study our vocab lessons. some of the boys didn't like competition (i wasn't one of them because spelling was the only thing i could compete in) maybe because they didn't like standing, or maybe because they knew they'd lose out to someone else, like me. anyway, once you were eliminated, you had to sit down. on the very first round, noel misspelled the word "barracks," most likely on purpose, since he was a strong speller, so he took a seat. once this happened, mike meissner chuckled, and this made noel cry. it was an awkward and sad moment, yet also refreshing, since noel was arguably the most pompous kid in class.

i'd like to welcome more moments like these in life.

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mrs. ogan said...

that whole family is pretty pompous.