can i get a ride?

how many more entries before i'm unable to write about meaningless that have happened to me? guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out.

when i tried to think of something to write about, the first thing that came to mind was carpools. back in the day, i used to ride to st. ignatius with random people. the galinatos, pinko, sarah d., dong, rich, claire, and byron. it made sense, you know, since everyone pretty much lived in rosemont. here are the top five anecdotes regarding my carpool memories:

5) when he was unemployed, my dad would drive me, claire, and rich to school. everyday, he would honk the horn, and it would take rich and claire a good five to ten minutes to actually get outside and meet us in the car. my dad didn't like this so much. "you'd better be ready the next time," he warned them, "or else i'm going to leave you behind." they may or may not have listened to his advice. i wouldn't really know, since the next time, my dad stopped the car, literally as though he were at stop sign, gave a faint, brief honk, and then sped off. i most likely turned white at that point, and wondered how my cousins would get to school. but my dad looked pissed, so i didn't ask. years later, rich would tell me that they called my mom, and told her "uncle ronnie never showed up." my mom took them to school.

4) tita lorna, claire's mom, would sometimes pick us up from school. she was usually good about waiting to see whether or not we actually made it inside the house, but one time, she didn't. so i wandered outside of my home for a few hours. the woman who lives across the street from us asked me if i wanted to come into her home. having been told never to trust strangers, i politely declined. "they should be back any minute," i told her. around five o'clock, i got worried. but eventually, they showed up. tita lorna waited for me to get inside every time after that.

3) tita lorna would listen to ksfm 102.5 in the car, and we would listen to all the great r&b/rap hits of the early 90's. one time, though, she must've had the radio on a little too loud because she obviously didn't hear the lightrail's alarm. she busted through the tracks as the gate began closing down on us. claire screamed and shielded herself, as if she really believed the long planks of wood would penetrate the vehicle, and split her in half. she berated her mom, and tita lorna apologized to us all. i had to wait until i got home to laugh.

2) just in case you haven't already figured it out, my dad had a pretty low tolerance for anyone riding in his car who wasn't me. he'd get upset with dong, because apparently dong would "slam" the trunk whenever dropping off or retrieving his backpack. dong would also "slam" the door too hard, and this annoyed my dad to no end. readers, remember when riding with my dad that you never, ever slam the door. he will never forgive you. so anyway, my dad was always annoyed with dong from day one. and so dong was given more or less the same warning rich and claire received. "be outside when we pick you up," my dad told him. dong obeyed. then, one day, my dad decided he didn't like making u-turns, so he told dong, "be on the corner when we pick you up." dong obeyed. finally, my dad decided he didn't like picking dong up at all, so eventually he told dong, "come to our house." from then on, until i got my license, every morning dong walked to our house.

1) one morning, uncle rebel took us to school in his blue paseo. he must've been watching some japanese show the night before, or else he'd recently been attracted to a japanese woman, or something, because that entire morning, he went on and on about how much better the japanese were at everything than the americans were. "look at the way they name their cars," he said. "for the japanese, it's A-KOO-RA! not like those americans. "ah-cure-ah," he said, in a shrill, i'm-imitating-the-most-flamboyant-homosexual-stereotype-i-know kind of voice. "TOH-YO-TAH!" followed by more or less the same homosexual impersonation, "toe-yo-tah." riding in the backseat, i thought this was pretty funny, and i kept repeating the two ways of announcing japanese brands in these voices. claire mustn't have thought this was funny at all, though, because when we walked to our classes, i said, "A-KOO-RAH! ah-cure-ah." she gave me her typical god-you're-annoying look, and told me to shut up.

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