the kids keep me focused.

i couldn't be a cop because i didn't wanna get shot.
i couldn't be a lawyer because i was told to never lie.
i couldn't be a doctor because ten years of school sounded like a long, long time.
i couldn't be a garbageman because i couldn't stand the smell.
i couldn't be a teacher because i didn't know a damn thing myself.
i couldn't be a poet because i wanted to make a living.
i couldn't be a mail carrier because of the phrase "going postal."
i couldn't be a priest because celibacy is scary.
i couldn't be a salesman because capitalism is a dead dog.
i couldn't be a musician because i got stage fright.
i couldn't be a druggie because rehab is costly.
i couldn't be a bum because my parents always had some money.
i couldn't be myself because i kept reminding myself of all the things
i couldn't do.

that was supposed to be funny, but it turned out to be like some cheesy thing someone would read on a spiritual retreat.

this one for the fortune cookie: "things would be a lot better if you weren't so worried about looking stupid."

i watched half nelson and now i really wish i had just taken up drugs while i was teaching. that's really the only way i would've survived this year - smoking crack in an empty girls' locker room. broken social scene played during almost every scene, so it made it that much more enjoyable. why are all my heroes always fucked up loners?

driving to work today, i wished for something dramatic to happen. i'm not wishing for anything negative or tragic - just something to shake me up a little. i don't know what i'm looking for.

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