maybe that's why you're so well-adjusted.

an old co-worker, adam, once asked me, "did you ever watch the pee-wee herman show?" "i think i've seen an episode," i said, "but i never really watched it." "oh," adam said. "maybe that's why you're so well-adjusted."

for the first time in my twenty-four years of existence, i put up the christmas lights. and i went on the roof. i think if i went on the roof more as a child, i would be more well-adjusted. it must've been a pretty pathetic sight, though, seeing me up there clinging to a hammer and nail, crawling slowly upward. i knew i could've probably just walked up there normally, even crouching a little, but i didn't want to take any chances. i'm uninsured, after all. my idea of an extreme sport.

my dad and i had a mini-debate about whether or not the first set of lights should connect with the other. "i'm going to have two extensions cords running. one to the back, and one to the garage." "why don't we just connect them all, and put them all into one socket?" i asked. "the voltage will be too high," was his answer. we're pretty early still - no one else on the block has them up. i saw that a few houses off mayhew did, but that was about it.

being up on the roof for the first time made me think about all the little things i haven't done yet. like give a dog a bath. or cut firewood.

my mom just told me that i have to cheat the system.

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