there's a pretty young thing in front of you.

the main reason i want to (or at least claim that i want to) work for the poor, is mostly because i hate seeing an individual a little too pleased with himself. for example, when i rode on airplanes every year for the holidays, i'd usually have to be crunched in between two people i'd never want anything to do with, but this one guy stands out in particular. he could've played santa claus at a mall. and when he brought the tray down so he could put his laptop on it, the tray met his stomach. he looked like an important businessman. he'd bring his fist to his face whenever he coughed, and later, he'd rub his hands together, and wipe his hands on his pants. he squirmed in his seat with the stench of entitlement emitting from his underarms. he had a palm pilot, too, probably, and used his pen to do whatever it is one does with a palm pilot.

on saturday at work, my supervisor and this other old guy - a real hoighty-toighty fellow well into his fifties - were cracking jokes with this perky blonde thing, my age or younger, who liked to talk a lot. she looked like kalle from road rules season 4, but with black hair underneath the blonde mess. i don't really get that look. anyway, it creeped me out a bit. i don't like it when old guys talk to younger women because i'm a guy and i know what they'd like to do. and i know what they do do, preferably when no one else is around. to most normal people, it's just friendly workplace banter, but to me, it's reminiscent of the colonel's creepy smile in boogie nights. they should all just "admire" from a safe distance, and then marry the small, yet domineering asian woman, like they had originally planned.

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