chain mail.

i just received a chain email from an old coworker/fellow volunteer, teri. i have to say, i really don't understand the purpose of chain mail. does it begin with one really bored person who wants to see how many people he can get to read some crappy thing he's written? why doesn't he just start a blog?

i always found the "bad luck" e-chains pretty funny. they actually include threats like, "if you don't do this, you will have bad luck for seven years." i remember reading some of those when i was younger. i wonder if my bad luck streak has ended, or if those e-chains just compounded. a lifetime of bad luck. why do people do it? i don't get it. are they really afraid of misfortune? does she really think that by forwarding this email to 7 other people, her 2008 year will be prosperous and eventful?

people who make e-chains should at least include something they want a bunch of people to see/read/hear. how about an embarrassing photo of oneself from junior high? how about a failed poem or unpublished story? how about an mp3 of an attempt to cover avril lavigne's "when you're gone?"

damnit. now i want to create an e-chain. if i do, i think i'll include the message:

"if you do not forward this to seven people, then those seven people won't be bothered with your lame emails."

man, it took me a while to come up with that. and it wasn't even good.

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