civil rights is one thing,
but this is something else.

i just finished watching guess who's coming to dinner. i finally know what dr. smith was going on and on about all those years. it takes place in 1960's san francisco, and spencer tracy threw down like no other in the very last scene. word on the street is that he died six days later. he went out on a high note. katherine houghton's character is a bit naive, and hardheaded, but generally sweet and idealistic. i think that's where we're supposed to sympathize. katherine hepburn overacts a bit, and i'll bet she was intimidating in real life, but other than that, she keeps the story moving. my favorite character, though, by far, is the random delivery boy who dances his way to the door, delivers the steak, picks up dorothy, and then dances back to his van along with her. if i could find a job that could keep me swinging like that all day, everyday, i wouldn't see any reason to ever leave it.


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