dee pimp act.

i had this dream that i was at rich's house and the front door was wide open. i could see downtown sac, and for some reason it was kind of like an island. for some reason, i knew a meteor would come down and we were all doomed. and sure enough, it came down and a giant tidal wave came rushing in. i went into the room where we used to jam, closed the door, and i didn't mind. the water didn't get into the room, but instead flooded the hallway and the backyard. in a matter of minutes, it all subsided.

we used to go to the birdcage to watch cheap, shitty movies we would never pay full price for. we saw deep impact there. rich said, look at the title: it's dee pimp act.

i remember the last christmas i looked forward to. it must've been in high school or maybe earlier, and i left the oldies station on all night. i didn't really fall asleep. i had the light on and i just listened to carols on oldies 101.

i remember a time when i didn't think jimmy stewart was so corny, and how i would've liked to marry a girl like donna reed and make a living in a run-down house. i would never, never have three kids, though. or did they have four?

my mom used to take me to see a christmas carol every year. we stopped going maybe three years ago. it's the same story, i said. and she agreed.

i always wished it would snow here. then i reached an age where i realized it would be meteorologically impossible for that to happen.

i've gone sledding twice in my whole life. never skied, never snowboarded. skiing is a rich, white person's hobby, some people say.

i wanted to drink champagne one new year's when i was fourteen or fifteen. my mom said, no. i think i wanted to hang out with my friends, too, (but not really - i didn't really like them - it's just something you have to say when you're that age) but again, my mom said no. i got upset, went to uncle tim's room and watched chris rock's stand-up. then i didn't feel so bad.

i wish i had gone to see the fucking champs on new year's eve 2005. that would've been a great way to ring in the new year.

i've given up on trying to have a good new year's, i told my cousin. you can't give up now, he said. it's not like you're a hundred.

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