don't swear, don't throw rocks, don't smoke.

8 women is a great french film. augustine is my favorite. the neurotic, virgin aunt who's always irritable, but loving. isabelle huppert does a fantastic job. the first time i saw it was in my french class at seattle u. i sat in the front, and i was shocked when ludivine sangier broke out into the first number. she was doing what i call "the chicken dance" and i was kind of embarassed for her because she looked so stupid doing it. but then, the song was really catchy, and i realized that ludivine sangier was really cool, so it didn't matter what the hell she did on, or off screen.

i really got into french films after seeing amelie. everything just looked so much better there. all the colorful wallpaper, the old buildings, and the wine drinking, and the joviality of it all. bon vivant, i think, is the proper term. i always wanted to be a bon vivant. so there was a point where all i watched were french films, both new and old: la femme nikita, delicatessen, city of lost children, a very long engagement, belle du jour, les parapluies de cherbourg (the umbrellas of cherbourg), dirty pretty things, etc. i liked the way they talked, the way they dressed, the intricate plot lines and absurdity found in their films.

so i took a year of french, hoping i could somehow be a part of this lifestyle, this culture. but it was a stretch, i knew it, and i never really practiced the language.

still, i'd like to visit one day.

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