enough is enough.

this prompted me to write a letter: www.myspace.com/aroarah
they made the front page of the sacramento bee's "ticket" section.

dear chris,

i was just wondering if you had any theories about why sacramento's music "scene" (if you can call it that) is and has always been terrible. also, why do no decent bands ever play here? the last good acts that came through were sonic youth at the empire (july 3, 2006) and yo la tengo playing at harlow's in october of that same year. writer rachel leibrock even stated how the latter was able to sell out three nights in a row in s.f., but couldn't even sell enough tickets in sacramento to book the empire:


even when they made the last minute switch to harlow's, the place was only "2/3 full." i think awful mainstream stations like kwod and 98 rock are to blame for this debacle. every time i turn on the station, they're still stuck in 1996, playing nirvana, soundgarden and sublime. when are they going to get over the grunge/alternative era and move on? that being said, i took a listen to aroarah, sunday's featured article in ticket, and i said enough was enough. i just had to write you. these girls aren't talented. they're merely regurgitating the same 90's mediocre rock that should've died off with the rest of those flannel-wearing assholes who sold out their "angst" by means of a half-step tuned down guitar, or else a drop-d tuning, topped off with a boss distortion pedal. how original. meanwhile, i'm forced to drive over 100 miles every time i want to see something of value like the arcade fire, or the magnetic fields, or explosions in the sky. what's the deal? look who's coming to town: blue man group, linkin park, celine dion. is this for real? this isn't ione, modesto, or redding - this is the goddamn capital. so when are going to see some decent live shows?


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