i wouldn't pay for that.

last night's series finale of extras was flawless. it hit a little too close to home, though, especially when maggie breaks down at the carphone place and says, "i've wasted my life. i haven't been anywhere; i haven't done anything," etc. i didn't think the creators of the office would be able to outdo themselves, but they proved me wrong. and because the office and extras is so good, i have to confess something. i've already told a few people this, and their reactions weren't positive, but here it goes. i have to out myself:

i can't stand curb your enthusiasm.

there. i said it. the black man in the audience should've addressed larry david, too, when he said: "sein - feld! that's it!" maybe i just expected too much from larry david. maybe larry david is just too old to make petty, everyday problems entertaining. maybe i don't have a sense of humor anymore. whatever the case, there it is. i said it. and now i have to deal with the consequent alienation it may bring me.

our christmas tree tilts a little bit. my dad and i were never able to center it perfectly. my mom sometimes will walk by the tree and say, "pangit" (tagalog: "ugly"). i don't think it's so bad, though. just a little crooked.

we bought my dad a vest for christmas. he'll probably feign interest for a few minutes, and then decide to exchange later. he always does. it arrived by mail, and my mom pretended that it was a package for meagan. "you should've mailed it straight to meagan," she said. and then she motioned for me to be quiet. i hope that when i'm old that i'll still want to pretend about who christmas presents are really for.

no direction home has finally sparked my interest in woody guthrie. now i want the woody guthrie box set. the wanting never ends, does it.

i went to nia's 2nd birthday party yesterday at a place called bouncetown. i took off my shoes, bounced around, and went down some slides. when rich showed up, he said, "it smells like feet in here."

may was scared to go down the big slide, so we wondered where she was for some time. "where were you," we asked. "i got hella scared," she said. "two-year olds go down the slide," rich said. "you shut up," may said.

uncle mike and tita lorna were there. "no work today?" tita lorna said. "no, no work today," i said. underneath my sweater, i was wearing my microcosm shirt that says: i didn't go to work today, and i don't think i'll go tomorrow, either!

but i think i will go to work today. might as well. i'm not doing anything else.

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Father Monaghan said...

Thank you for confessing, young James. I, too, dislike this show.
How anyone could find the life of a whiny rich and famous white man appealing on the tv screen is beyond me. My enthusiasm for this show was curbed the minute I started watching. But, little girls and boys dancing together in catholic school uniforms is a magnificent sight! That Larry David needs to come into my confessional booth and receive my penance like an obedient and willing altar boy. Here is your penance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSGy5Fo049g