if you think positively,
you will think positively.

when my dad isn't watching his korean soap opera (of which there are only 21 episodes - that i know of), he's watching joel osteen. for those of you who don't know joel osteen, he's a pastor from houston, tx, who promotes "positive thinking" and all that other good stuff that will earn you a ticket to heaven. i watched a little bit, but joel osteen looks too creepy, almost like clay aiken. he reminds me of one of those guys like patrick swayze's character in donnie darko. you know, the right-wing religious nut who really runs a child porno ring from his basement. i shouldn't say that. joel osteen's probably a good guy. i just don't know why my dad watches him so much. i'm going to ask him. right now. and then i'll post his response.

my dad said, "sometimes he (joel) says something uplifting. or he says something that you can use for everyday living."

i think my dad was annoyed that i had to ask him. i wonder how many times i make people feel bad about what they're watching/buying/listening to. i probably do it more often than i'm aware. i try not to be an asshole; i try not to be bitter.

maybe i should watch some joel osteen.

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