the lights on agena court.

i was too lazy to write anything tonight, so i chose instead to listen to the sufjan stevens christmas box set. what a wonderful thing that is. it even comes with a songbook, so you can play along with the chords.

rich and i are going to watch the series finale/christmas special of extras tonight, so i don't have time even for a half-ass entry.

but, i hate nothing more than going to a job on monday morning with nothing to read, so, for those of you who read this blog as a means of avoiding actual work, here's a christmas story from two years ago called "the lights on agena court." both peter bacho and larry agreed it was a real "miss." $80,000 for me to find out my stories weren't any good. thanks a lot, college.

for those unfamiliar with agena court, it's a court in rosemont (a.k.a. "hoes-mont") that boasts a lavish display of unnecessary lights and over-the-top lawn decor every december. the following story was inspired by a solitary house on the court that, every year, refused to participate in the christmas orgy. the only explanation my family members could create was: "they're probably jews."

anyway, this story's got everything: awful metaphors, unrealistic characters, bland dialogue, you name it.

note: story & christmas greeting removed morning of january 28, 2008, for obvious reasons.

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