list of pet peeves.

10) saying that someone or some band "defined a generation."

09) the phrase "get a bite to eat."

08) rubbing my bare foot against carpet, especially if it's old, worn carpet.

07) trying to use a pencil eraser when the pencil eraser is completely worn down.

06) the knowledge that i could, after taking a shower, get into bed and pull the covers over myself while i'm still soaked.

05) taking a nap and then waking up to a bad taste in my mouth.

04) burning my mouth while trying to eat food i already knew was hot.

03) assembling something and realizing i've forgotten a piece, so i have to start all over.

02) how, when watching a movie, or watching tv, my dad will turn the volume down when it gets loud, and then, realizing that he can no longer hear the dialogue, he turns it back up. then down again. then up.

01) violent bowel movements with no familiar restrooms in sight.

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