ain't no guarantees -
not in this life, anyway.

your own family might just say, you can't live here anymore. you might make your brother sleep in your car. you might get pregnant. you might get robbed. your mom may get drunk, and forget to pick you up. your mom might talk to you like you're still eight years old. your dad might get arrested. your best friend may decide to stop talking to you. your uncle might get teary-eyed, and say, don't be like me. your distant son might just off himself. your dad might have an affair with some woman in canada. your parents will split up. your parents might just never wake up. the love of your life will leave you. you won't get that job you wanted - no, you'll lose out to someone less qualified, but much, much more perky than you could ever be, or, worse yet, bilingual. you'll get a c on that test you were confident you aced. an old classmate will catch you working, smirk, and say, so this is what you do now? you might come across more people who have completely given up on life - more than you would've liked to have known. your house will be foreclosed. you'll have no option other than to declare bankruptcy. everything will be right, will be perfect, but you just won't be in the mood. your doctor will say, i've got some bad news. your dentist will recommend oral surgery, but it will be so complicated that he can't do it himself, and he will have to refer you to a specialist. you'll watch some guy get run down in the street, and you'll have no idea what to do. you'll see some smaller kid getting pushed around, and you'll only think, i'm glad that isn't me. you might get addicted to something. you might be squandering every precious moment you have. you may have missed your only shot to do something exciting, something that will make you feel alive. and finally, one day, you just won't wake up, but you'll be fine with it because you'll realize everyone's been asleep the whole time.

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