bastard from a basket.

i went with my mom to see the first showing of there will be blood. hollywood, like the music industry, it seems, has conspired to make less desirable cities like sacramento be the last to see and hear about anything they have to offer. what is this "select cities" bullshit? why do audiences in new york, los angeles, san francisco, and seattle always get to view films before the rest of the world? it's completely ass-backwards, since people in those cities actually have something to do other than wait four months for a movie to be released.

i guess some places just are never meant to be "cool." like sac, stockton, redding. jesus, what is redding, anyway. just one giant truck stop. but i've been to small towns like watsonville and corvalis, oregon, and i thought they were decent places. i don't mind slow places. i think, that like daniel in there will be blood, i just don't like most people that inhabit these places. especially kids who wear big, puffy jackets with their fur collars and stupid patterns of dragons or else marijuana leaves, worn with their even stupider matching hats. i saw them on sale at zumiez for over $60. the clerks were listening to the worst wannabe death metal and had their long greasy hair coming down over the side, marlene dietrich-style. goddamn kids working at zumiez at the folsom outlet on a thursday afternoon, trying to look cool.

and then during the movie, there was an old couple whispering about anything and everything. "is that his son?" "no, it's his brother." shut up, old fools. shut your mouths.

in other news, i'm losing my eyesight, so if i don't write for a while - a long, long while - either i have nothing to say, or i'm trying to give my eyes a rest.

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