last night, wooderson's jam session was abruptly ended for the first time in our existence (7 years of rocking rosemont) by something other than our boredom, fatigue, or lack of songs to play. that's right. a neighbor complained. i had just finished playing my new song, "tim tan," only the third time i've played it, but for some reason, the feedback became insanely loud. and then there was a knock on the door.

neighbor: "do you guys think you could keep it down?"
rich bitch: "oh yeah. i'm so sorry."
neighbor: "yeah, it's just that, we've got an interview in the morning."
rich bitch: "no problem. sorry about that."
neighbor: "our windows were rattling."

good, considerate citizens that we are, we stopped playing. but not before likening the complainer to will farrell's character in old school. "got a big day tomorrow. we're goin' to home depot. gonna look at some wallpaper. maybe go to bed bath & beyond. i don't know if we'll have enough time."

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Richard said...

"OK OK I'll do one". I almost want to bring that neighbor cookies and brownies for not calling the cops on us. I should have asked him what he thought of our music. Oh that last comment was by my me and I deleted it cause I misspelled something.