old haunts revisited, pt. I.

my mom and i brought down old suitcases and boxes that have been sitting in our garage for years. here are some things we pulled down:

- a small yellow box of bullets
- a stuffed ninja turtle (raphael)
- a talking gopher or chipmunk (dead batteries)
- a creepy, black and white picture of a relative (i'd rather not say whom)
- three jesus figures (one of them is black!) and one jesus picture that lights up
- a wreath and christmas stocking
- a clip filled to the brim with bullets (was my dad preparing for armageddon or what?)
- an old wallet with an old sears & roebuck credit card (my dad's) inside
- seven empty suitcases

i was really hoping to find my old penguin game, but i'm sure my mom gave it away years ago. there's still one big box left, but i'll have to wait for my dad to help me bring it down. i wonder what will be in there. i'll save the results for "old haunts revisited, pt. II." look forward to it. look forward, i say.

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