winter would've been a complete loss, had i not seen this movie. after watching it, it just felt like every other downloaded flick was just trying too hard. and the soundtrack on vinyl is on sale for $3.99 at dimple, but i think it's because the last track, "say it to me now" doesn't play correctly. and it's an essential track, too. damnit.

it's the kind of movie that makes you feel like fixing vacuums and living with your dad even until your late thirties is not embarrassing in the slightest. in this world, it's actually acceptable, and possibly the only way of doing things.

i went to easter seals, and i don't think i'm going to take the job. the interviewer, a man named toby, convinced me that the job was "emotionally draining," and once he said that, i decided (in my mind) that it wasn't worth $10 an hour. the "consumers" (toby's words) were severely disabled, and there was an employee addressing them (maybe 20-30 of them), reading stories from the sacramento bee and explaining things to them. he said things like, "does anyone know what 'extinct' means?"

if i was noble, idealistic, and if i still cared about changing lives, changing the world, i might have chosen to come back for a second interview. but i'm a coward, and i'm going to tell them that i found something else, even though i haven't. i'm going to take a state exam on january 30.

after dong quit his job at big 5, he said to me, "you know, i realized, i'd rather be poor and unhappy than poor and working." i tried to come up with a similar quotation, something to do with the deadening of one's idealism, but it didn't quite work out.

i had naan n' curry for the second time in my life yesterday. i forgot how spicy that stuff is.


ms.meggie said...

i'd live with my dad if he was as nice as the one in once.

Talking about Hard Times said...

"fucking brilliant!"