picking up the kids.

every now and then, my aunt asks me to pick up my cousins from school. i don't really like doing it, since being anywhere around that school just brings back bad feelings and memories, but family is family, so i do it anyway.

it's easy to understand why i didn't like it there. it's funny because i see it in my cousin's faces now, too. how dejected and tired they are, come 3 o'clock. on any given weekend, a holiday, they're just bursting with life - ready to sing, ready to run around until they pass out, ready to throw rocks at cars. okay, they don't really do that. but still, you get the point. why do people want to send their kids to these schools? to be taught by ignorant, old white people who think they know everything. it doesn't make any sense.

it hasn't really hit the youngest one yet. i think it's because they really aren't "learning" anything yet. not in the third grade. by then, i imagine that they are (and that we were) gluing popsicle sticks together all day and reading crazy stories by roald dahl and judy blume, crazy stories that could've only been written by crazy, pcp-addicted high school dropouts. but then sixth grade rolls around, and it's drill & kill. vocab, math, religion (ha! are/were they serious?), science. i remember history lessons and history tests. some of the most boring, life-sucking lessons ever.

no wonder those kids look the way they do after school.

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Richard said...

Sad kids, Just bring them a couple of Playboys or Cheri's to relieve some stress.