the silence after the explosion.

they sat there with dirt on their faces. a nearby building had just gone down, and all they could do was sit there. the one man, wearing black pants and a white shirt, hugged his knees. he tried to fold his hands, but couldn't, so he brought his knees in even closer. the other man was still in shock. he had his hands over his head and slowly rocked back and forth.

"maybe we should pray," the man with the tie said, but as soon as he said it, he realized he couldn't even hear his own voice. he tried to say it again, louder this time. "maybe we should pray. maybe we should pray. maybe we should prayyy." by now he was shouting. he screamed it, over and over again. now he was pounding the concrete wall. he hit it after every word. MAYBE. WE. SHOULD. PRAY! the other man, though, hadn't snapped out of it. he was still rocking back and forth. the screaming man looked at his fist. it was covered in blood. it ached, but it didn't matter. he couldn't hear. he couldn't feel anything.

another explosion went off. this sent the two men lying flat on their stomachs, burying their faces into the ground, and covering their heads with their hands. "dear god, dear god," he was saying, but it was all inside his mind. his voice was dead to the world.

finally, he grabbed the other man's arm, and they ran. they ran the fuck out of there.

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