skurred stoopid.

i watched a haunting on the discovery channel with my mom this afternoon. shows like that kind of amuse me, since they always feature horrible re-enactments and unbelievable story lines. this one was about some guy who bought a house that was haunted. it had the typical stuff in it: weird noises, and he'd find his mail scattered across the floor, and he'd feel like someone was watching him. when i was a kid, this kind of stuff used to scare me. especially unsolved mysteries. i think it was because the host looked like a ghost himself. he'd always be walking in some dark place, like a church or a cemetary, and they would really let the fog machine go at it. even in college, when i saw the episode about some old man who was put inside a chest and left by the side of the road, i was freaked out. mostly because they actually showed an autopsy photo of the dude's face so that a potential viewer could identify him. i think viewers were too busy throwing up, though. his eyeball was all dangling out of the socket, and his face was all smashed in. it was a terrible image.

but then i volunteered for two years, and during that time i decided that the only thing to fear is ignorance.

ignorance is preaching to our impressionable children. ignorance is made-up job titles like "paranormal investigator," or else "local folklorist." ignorance is blowing money on rims and booze. ignorance is not questioning anything. ignorance is diet pills and the bowflex. ignorance is staying home all day and feeling hopeless. ignorance is getting in your car to go somewhere that's ten minutes by foot. ignorance is thinking your country is the best, the richest, when you haven't been anywhere else. ignorance is coming up with lists about things that are ignorant when you could be doing something more productive.

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