something uplifting (but for real this time).

i got into san francisco state, and san jose state, for their masters' programs. i think i may choose to attend the latter. i also have an interview with easter seal's on thursday for a part-time position. the position includes a discounted gym membership. so, you know, things are looking up. in other news, i've discovered that salad spinners are amazing. if you don't own a salad spinner, you aren't a healthy, well-balanced human being.

i have to give jacob credit for calling things "amazing." it's even funnier when it's applied to stupid, little things. like, "the last episode of the hills was amazing." i think it may catch on. i think it may become the new "hella." or better yet, michael meissner adding, "ass" to the end of every sentence. "what the hell is hillary crying about ass?"

i think i could watch that clip of hillary getting teary eyed over and over again. it's the only kind of health insurance i'll ever need.

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