wes & chris in countout.

wes & chris were two punk rock kids who worked with me at tower. at one point, wes read about how the coca-cola corporation was killing protesters in south america. being the civil-minded liberal he was, he decided he would boycott coca-cola for good.

countout was a small, cramped room where clerks would dump out their money and leave just $100 in the register. usually, two or three clerks would count out their money at the same time with a supervisor present. this is a small piece of the scene i remember:

chris: so, i heard you're not drinking coke anymore. what's up with that?

wes: they're evil. they're an evil corporation. they kill protesters.

chris: so how is you not drinking coke going to stop them from killing protesters?

wes: i'm boycotting their product.

chris: but, so what? you don't drink their soda, and that's going to make them stop killing people?

wes: no. they're never going to be a good corporation. there's no such thing as a 'good' corporation. that's an oxymoron, and anyway, that's not the point.

chris: so how long are you not going to drink coke? for the rest of your life?

wes: yeah. probably. i don't know. as long as they're killing people, i can't support them.

chris: so what! do you even like people?

chris' final words in the argument silence countout. or maybe i left at that point, i can't really remember. all i know is, wes didn't really have answer for that. or maybe he did - of course he did - but he just couldn't bring himself to say it.

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