how to fake like you are
a nice & caring person.

on the way to the rich bitch's new apartment, we spotted a black man taking a shit by the dumpsters. he looked at us as we drove by. i went to use the rich bitch's bathroom, and i thought about taking some toilet paper to the man. i don't know why i thought about doing that.

i keep seeing/hearing the preview for vantage point. i hate the part where randy quaid says, "i think i saw something," and then forrest whittaker says, "i think i saw something, too." i know i'll probably see it just for that line. sometimes i'll sit through the movies - shitty or good - just to hear a line that gets stuck in my head.

"you're the man now, dog!" - sean connery, finding forrester
"peter, these are lungs." - mira sorvino, mimic
"no god." - unknown, 30 days of night
"i want us to be open and say 'yes' to everything." - owen wilson, the darjeeling limited
"you got served." - every character, you got served
"i teach hip hop at the cennah (center)." - jessica alba, honey

and now, the characteristics of someone who lives downtown (all qualities which the rich bitch must adapt to, should be truly consider himself a resident of the downtown area):
- has a bike
- is vegetarian or vegan
- wears a scarf in the cold
- drinks coffee from local, independently owned businesses
- signs up for a yoga class
- barely drives, but when forced to, drives a prius or bug - anything compact, really
- knows where the "bad" parts of downtown are
- smokes
- has a tattoo or piercing or both
- wears a thrift store blazer or pea coat
- buys organic groceries from a co-op


KWOD 106.5 FM said...

You forgot a couple:
-Listens to "indie" music(the more obscure the better).
-Plays guitar in a shitty band(no bass player).
-Aspires to live in the Pacific Northwest.
-Wears tight clothing.
-Has a sensitive, delicate, emotional soul.
-Has a newfound love of dance music
-Fancies himself/herself to be a writer.
-Most importantly, the haircut. Sport it well because it's the hispter generation's calling card aside from all the boring indie music.

talking about hard times. said...

damn, aside from the dance music part, i guess i should consider myself a resident.