taking the long way home.

had i not forced myself to get out of bed on a friday afternoon, here are some things i would've missed:

- the group of kids cutting class, hanging out in the park
- the plastic bag stuck to a high, leafless branch
- the old man honking at his wife
- the boy and girl, hugging & kissing on the sidewalk
- the little boy who could pedal faster than me
- the alhambra man making his rounds
- the marlboro cigarette packs on the damp street
- the portable basketball hoop overturned on its side
- the black girl, talking on her cell phone & sitting in her parked car

it will all go. i could've slept it away. i could have stopped and straightened that basketball hoop. i could have told the old man that he needed to not honk at his wife. i could have told that boy and that girl to make it work, no matter what. sometimes i find the endless possibilities overwhelming.

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