the triumph of machine over people.

the girls next door is about these three zeros named kendra, holly, and bridget. they all live with hugh hefner. hugh pays for them to do things like party in vegas, or else go to europe. holly is always pissed because hugh will never marry her, and she is the main "girlfriend," so she has to stay home more often than the other two zeros do. kendra is the worst girlfriend because she does stupid things, like one time, she bought a grill, and another time she hired a pet psychic to "cure" her dog. bridget is my favorite because she is able to smile through all the hard times. anyone who can consistently smile through a reality that revolves around a pair of fake c cups and good hair is all right in my book.

icarly is a kid's show on nickelodeon. it's a good show if you're in the third grade, which, mentally, sometimes i am. it takes place in seattle, which is another reason i had to give it a chance. carly is this girl with a webcam show who lives with her brother, spencer. spencer is a law school dropout who decided to become an artist. he makes crazy things, like a sculpture made of butter, or else a giant, moving robot made out of junk he found in his closet. i like that the show's producers want the general public to believe that a law school dropout could afford a giant loft that overlooks the space needle.

the moment of truth is a show where the host asks the contestant a bunch of generic personal questions, (i.e. "have you ever killed a drifter to get an erection?") while the contestant's family and friends sit in the audience. the contestant has to answer truthfully to win some money. what i don't get is how the machine can tell if the contestant is lying or not. i don't know what makes me stupider - asking that question, not knowing, or blogging about it.

you already know.


EasilyEntertained said...

On moment of truth, they're asked the questions on a lie detector before the show.

talking about hard times. said...

then why do they look so shocked when the host asks the questions?