walt disney poop fetish.

during my senior year of high school, my poetry teacher, mr. hornback, would sometimes tell us random stories or facts about life. i don't know why he did this. he probably didn't know what else to do with us non-writers. once, he showed us a short film about robert bly, and we all thought it was kind of dumb. another time, though, he told us about walt disney.

according to mr. hornback, mr. disney had, in his office, a large glass table. mr. disney would occasionally have his secretary, or whatever other female assistant he had, enter his office. he would then lie underneath the table. at this point the secretary would remove her skirt, remove her underwear, and defecate right there on the table.

mr. disney would watch, and he would enjoy it. anyway, that's what mr. hornback said.


ms.meggie said...

you never told me that it was your teacher who relayed this information. i can't believe your parents paid for you to go to school there. that's all there is to say about that.

ms.meggie said...

dude; maybe you should take that pic down. disney is more vigilant than any other corporation about trademark/copyright infringement. connecting them to a poop fetish might be frowned upon.

talking about hard times. said...

dude, who the hell cares. will they sue me for the money i don't have, or else tell me to cancel the blog i no longer wish to update?