what's a pony?

i just finished reading wake up and smell the coffee by eric bogosian, as recommended by ultrafknbd. pretty good stuff. he satirizes just about any way you choose to live your life. whether you're a free market throat-cutting asshole , or else a free-loving, tree-hugging vegetarian - you're fair game; you're laughable either way. i like that he can do this, mock any type of existence. because it's true.

we're all so worried about what others think, how others perceive us. how we will accept/rebel against what's been planned for us. but the truth is, no one's watching. no one really gives a shit. think about how self-involved you are, then multiply it by about a hundred, and that pretty much covers everyone else.

bogosian also wrote suburbia, which is a masterpiece. granted, i've only seen richard linklater's film, but the characters, the dialogue, the setting, the plot (or lack thereof), set it up. i remember i first saw it at the tower theater when i was thirteen, maybe fourteen. it was a film that i needed to see then. the opening sequence, when they drive by all the suburban sprawl and play gene pitney's "a town without pity," exposes the absurdity of modern day existence. what were people (city planners) thinking when they created these towns?

let's line them all up in a row. make sure everyone's got an artificial lawn and one tree. no, no, not two in the front. maybe another in the back, but for the front, just one. one is enough. okay, two windows each, facing the street. on the two story houses, two more windows on the second floor. we want people to be able to look out, and get some sun without having to go outside. and a sidewalk. yes, we need a sidewalk. otherwise, how will people know where to walk? on the other side of the street, make more houses. let's make it so the houses face each other, so that people can look at each through their windows, but they'll never have to communicate any other way. let's get some insulation, but don't overdo it; we want artificial heat in winter and air conditioning for the summer. a couple blocks down, put up a convenience store, doesn't matter what. 711, circle k, whatever, whatever. just a store so a man can get his beer! christ, that's why it's called a "convenience" store - don't you know anything? no, don't put it there. not too close to the homes. well, because all the snot-nosed kids are going to hang out there, and they won't want that. would you? exactly, so put it down a little further. a little further down let's put up a gas station and grocery store. why farther down? so they have to drive to get food and gas, stupid. don't you fucking know anything? people don't want to see their goddamn meat and vegetables and milk being loaded and unloaded in filthy crates.

that must be how it happened. and this "convenience" they've created has left us with a bored generation. we don't have to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get food, or to go to school, or to hang out with friends. look at all this time we've saved. we've saved so much time, there's only one thing to do: squander it. go to that shoe convention and spend $19,000 on those rare nikes that you'll put on display. buy yourself a box of comics that you won't read. buy that ten seat suv for the three people in your family. collect those movies you'll watch once, twice, if it's really good. spend hours on craigslist and ebay, looking for that rare, out-of-print, japanese-only import, autographed box set. try to ignore that part of yourself that says the act of spending is more thrilling than actually owning the object.

drive down the block. see how dark, how quiet every street is. are these people sleeping? are they even home?

does anybody live here?

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