you don't have to.

you don't have to read all of it. you can just skim through, or else ignore it completely. i'm only writing about random things. like the fact that these two mexicans are finally fixing the fence in our backyard. and how, when a different mexican showed up once and said he could do the job, my dad refused him and said to us, "he's mexican. he seemed kind of shady."

i could've put up the fence. all i would need are a tool belt, an electric saw, posts, boards, cement, and some know-how. but i went to school, so i don't know any of this, or even where to get it.

i watched we own the night the other night. pretty crap. i expected mark wahlberg to throw down; i expected vigilante justice; i expected plot twists, a set up, something. but nope, nothing. it was just a straightforward action movie with no cheesy lines or anything. total bore.

i called about my state application. this guy named casey said, "the final filing date is april 29, and that's when they send the packets to us." "oh. okay, thanks," i said. "we'll contact you when we get your packet," he said. and i could've said, "i have a degree. i got a hundred on your stupid, pointless test. i can type 91 words per minute. i think i can handle a little filing and answering calls. what else do you fucking want from me?" if i had some cojones, i would've. but i don't, so i didn't.

the mexicans are doing something else now. they've got what looks like a mini vacuum or maybe a wood chipper, and they've attached it to a yellow extension cord. there's also an orange extension cord that isn't being used. maybe it's too short. manual labor is looked down upon. in the book the giver by lois lowry, a laborer is the worst job you can get. it was better to receive all the pain in the world and be exiled from your community and sled down into the abyss to meet an ambiguous fate.

i wonder if there's still snow enough in the sierras to go sledding.

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CP1900 said...

Do you track who reads your blog? I know you cant' track specifics, but I find it interesting to see how many people read mine each day.