forrest whittaker is nice.

i forgot to mention that whenever the kids across the street throw a party, all their friends park their cars and run, literally run, to the house. i don't know why they do that, but i felt that i had to share this fact. maybe it's to get the adrenaline rushing; maybe it's because they cherish every moment of freedom, and they wouldn't dare waste a single second sauntering on the sidewalks. i like to think that they see me, that they read this blog, and they think, "we'd better enjoy it now. we'd better get it now, while we're young."

i also wanted to mention this joke that we have running in our household. a few weeks ago, we saw forrest whittaker help some eighty year-old man receive his honorary award on stage. my mom said, "ba it si (sp?) forrest whittaker" (translation: forrest whittaker is nice). then, at the oscars, it appeared that forrest whittaker said something comforting to marion cotillard after she was freaking out over winning best actress. again, my mom said, "ba it si forrest whittaker." so, every now and then, i have to say that phrase. ba it si forrest whittaker.

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Lizzie said...

I just saw someone who looked like a young, slim forrest today!