reasons for deletion.

i had to lose the myspace account. i was just sick of it. myspace had the potential to be a great online social network, but it turned into a shitty answering machine, a $5.00/hr. telemarketing gig. there are so many ads and banners that i can't tell where one's profile begins and where another ends. and what's with tom? he hasn't changed his picture since the website's inception. and then there was that girl who offed herself because of some deranged neighborhood mother who had enough free time to create a fake account to fuck with her. then people started getting hacked. apparently, "shelbyville" (yes, the town next to springfield on the simpsons) isn't a strong enough password. i don't know how the hackers do it, but they usually prey on people's general insecurities by writing something like, "yo...someone wrote something really suck about you on their blog," and the subsequent link leads to some stupid travel agency, or else insurance group.

the bottom line: myspace is stupid. if you want to contact me, email me, call me, comment. for wooderson music, click the crap underneath "rocking about hard times" and listen there. i'll try to update it as much as possible, so that we can, as a friend once commented, "live on forever."


Boris Pilkin said...

Great to hear the music you and your cousin wrote. Especially delightful is the video. I was hoping the Indian with a mullet would make a cameo, but then again, you can't have it all.

talking about hard times. said...

boris, thanks for that. you've trained svetlana well.

Lizzie said...

I'm doomed.

I'll take a Blue Moon.