smash the state.

fucking assholes. i received my inactive notice letter from the state yesterday. that means that i won't be contacted anymore about any office assistant positions. the reason being, i didn't respond to all twenty-five letters of inquiry i received. did they expect me to go through two whole booklets of stamps? so i called these assholes up, and i told them that i only received one callback for the dozen or so letters i responded to. "yeah, that sounds about right," the woman told me. "you're not guaranteed an interview." well, why the fuck are all your departments wasting paper and making me reply to these non-existent jobs then?

i need to go back to school. this shit is just worthless. absolutely worthless.

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Lizzie said...

did you REALLY want to work for the state though? if the thought of it didn't put butterflies in your stomach, then good riddance to the "active" list.