things start splitting at the seams.

i biked to the library just now. it's only the second time i've done it, and it still feels like a big effort to get there. i'm in terrible shape. i never exercise, but sometimes, when i'm feeling especially unhealthy, i'll go through a phase where i try to do something that requires a little bit of effort. the last time this happened was when meagan and rachel received a free guest pass to their gym. they must've noticed my gut because they invited me along each time. so i ran on a treadmill.

i realized the only album i can really work out to is the earth is not a cold dead place. the opening track "first breath after coma" is the ultimate workout song. there's a little bass drum at the beginning to remind you of your slow-beating, neglected heart, and then the song really gets going. and once you realize what terrible shape you're in, and you're ready to give up, the song goes ballastic and you have to move, otherwise, you end up sitting tired, lazy and limp while the guitars and drums are going off all around you. you feel like the unimpressed, anti-social fourteen year old kid you once were during an amazing fireworks show.

biking is a whole different thing for me. i never learned to ride until i was thirteen, and then, since i had no friends in my neighborhood, i never went riding. i figured in three years, i would be driving, so what was the point. but i should've gone biking. everyone should have. there were roads to explore, weird street names like clendenen and tallyho, kids using hockey sticks to slap around a smashed can, and giant trees littering the streets with leaves. but for some reason, still, people opt to stay indoors, if only to play their guitar hero, or watch the local news cover a cat circus.

i'd like to get out more. i'd like to be healthy. who wouldn't?

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Tiffany said...

James, you are a "smart ass."