he didn't buy anything.

mom was all upset because my dad forgot to pick up some things from the philippines. she said, "all i asked for was hopia and bagong, and he didn't get it." she'd been pouting about it for the last ten minutes. i snatched the plastic bag she was holding and i said, "you're always irritated. what is wrong with you?"

grace said it was good she didn't move out because she didn't have money or a place to stay. she'll be thirty next year.

my uncle is dating a woman half his age.

at the sfo, a little girl ran to me, and she hugged my legs. she stuck her head in between my legs, thinking i was her father. someone in her family said, "that's not your dad!" and they all laughed. i had to laugh, too.

my dad was gone for two weeks. we didn't talk during that time. we sure as hell don't talk now. he's wandering around the kitchen as i write this.

i contacted an old friend via messenger. he works for verizon. he said he would be in san francisco in the near future, and that we should get together. i wrote back, "definitely," knowing that it would be otherwise.

my dad doesn't talk to his two sisters who live in town. this hurts his feelings, but he doesn't do anything about it.

mom and i got into an argument last night, but nothing was resolved. it ended with her saying, "i know you'll do whatever you want. you're twenty-five; you're an adult now," to which i replied, "i don't feel like one."

i've got some missed calls on my cell phone i haven't returned.

how are people supposed to live like this?

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