speaking words of wisdom.

"enjoy this time, man."
"you know how i worry. you know how i am."
"i don't get you. sometimes you're so pessimistic, there's nothing i can do about it. and other times, you'll be surprisingly lucid."
"orthopedics? you really need to know what you're doing."
"pre-med? tell him that he needs to have a goal, look at the percentage of students who went on to medical school."
"he had a friend who did peace corps right out of college. he said it was a really good experience."
"i guess she reads your blog. she said she was really worried about you."
"you're miserable, and you're not doing a thing about it!"
"i think you're both immature."
"so when are you moving to sf, man?"
"come back and visit! let me look at my planner."
"should we be spending our time doing this?"
"driving there seems counter to what we're doing. i think we should walk."
"do you ever get that feeling when you run into someone you know, and they've just got that look on their face like they feel for you, or that they know what you're going through? yeah, then you know what i'm talking about."
"we'll have ed call in the prescription to pops, that way it's covered under the insurance. all you'll need to pay is the co-pay, and it's only $5."
"she said after april, there's no more first class."
"try to run into me."
"that your compost pile? looks like a big pile of garbage."
"what's up, man? wha'choo upto?"
"it's looking good. you should plant some vegetables there."
"north american scum."
"go ahead, live with your mom the rest of your life."
"we had season tickets last year. we couldn't even give them away."
"sorry ass brad miller."
"she's like an old lady. she's a southern belle!"
"joblessness eating at the grey matter?"
"i've given them your references. i've done my part. it's in their hands now."
"i hate to say it, but i'm probably never going to live in one of those big houses."
"i don't want to live there. there's too much chaos."
"i asked him if he collected unemployment, and he just looked at me. like a fucking idiot."
"you know where i am. you know who i'm with. so please, stop calling me."
"what else have we got to live for?"
"i thought you don't want to teach?"
"you can go, you know. we don't want you here."
"i just need you to tell me that it's over."
"i'm sorry, i...i can't go on."
"everyone's over here. do you want to come over?"
"treat this time like it's a vacation."
"you look so...chessy."
"it was a life-changing experience. seriously."
"don't tell anyone this..."
"you would probably find your calling and then just write it off as trite and meaningless."
"i'll kick his ass. i don't give a fuck."
"don't envy me."
"don't be like me."
"you're just gonna work in a record store?"
"at some point, you know, you're going to have to get a real job."
"umm...yeah, sure."
"yeah, that sounds cool."
"you should go. you know, if you don't do it now, you probably never will."
"if you're always going to be negative, then prepare to live the life of harvey pekar."
"i'm sorry."
"i don't know what to do."
"you could...no, nevermind. i don't want to tell you what to do."
"don't take it out on us, okay?"
"i could totally see you living in brooklyn."
"they put themselves out there, you know. sometimes you have to initiate things on your own."
"i talked to that girl again today. i asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she said, 'yeah, he's sitting right there.'"
"it's good to not burn bridges."
"those guys don't want to talk to us. they're not going to want to hang out."
"it'd be nice if i had a girlfriend. i get lonely sometimes."
"beggars can't be choosers, you know. you've got to pick and choose your battles."
"sometimes i catch myself. i don't want her getting jaded so early, you know?"
"so remember: rinse, soap, rinse, toner, lotion, suntan lotion. everyday and every night."
"why is she buying old vcr tapes?"
"i've got some things of yours."
"i've got some things of yours, too."

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