there's a crack right here.

a japanese couple arrives at my door. they're here to buy my 500 cd shelf. i have it on a dolly, ready to load it into their white van. the woman inspects it. she says something in japanese to her husband. "will you take $25 for it?" he asks. "no," i say almost instinctively. first of all, i hate it when craigslist people lowball you at the last minute. it's one thing to offer a lower price when you email someone, but it's another to offer a lower price to the seller's face. "it's not as big as she thought it would be," he tries to argue. "well, it's 500. it fits 500," i say. "and there's a crack right there," he says, pointing to the tallest shelf. truth be told, there is a crack, one that i noticed when i posted it, but what difference did it make? "it doesn't really matter," i say, "since the cds will cover it." he nods. the woman still looks peeved that she's not getting this shelf for $25. "will you take $25 for it?" he tries again, a broken record. "no," i say. "i bought it for over $80, and i purchased it only a few years ago. i'm already taking a $50 hit." the woman reluctantly hands over $30.

it's good to win every now and then, no matter how small the victory.


ms.meggie said...

good for you. good for you.

EasilyEntertained said...

Jesus Christ. At least give me the dignity of naming me calvin and hobbes.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro. It was kind of interesting how I came across your blog. I too am a fellow Jesbian, I think I was 2 or 3 years ahead of you. I graduated in 99. Well, one of my buddies (another man for others) just sent me a text message that stated Hastie was fired due to assault charges. So acting like I was still in high school and needing to be up on the most current gossip I tried to Google Hastie and Jesuit to see if I could get the whole story. I ended coming across your blog. I read it for about 30 minutes. I never came across your name, but saw mention of Sam Warburg somewhere and I think he was 2-3 years behind me. Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog and I think you are a great writer.